What Is Direct Hire?

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If you want your company to stay ahead of your competition, you need to hire top talent. However, the process of hiring new employees comes with some risks and uncertainty. Additionally, recruiting and screening potential candidates while balancing your job duties can be overwhelming. In fact, hiring new employees can seem like a full-time job. That’s where direct hire comes in handy.

Direct hire jobs are commonly the most desirable job types because it means that an employee will be filling a permanent role in the company. Direct hire jobs come with many benefits, including a secure job position and an opportunity for an employee to further their career. In this article, we will explore what direct hire means, the benefits of direct hires, examples of direct hire jobs, and why employers choose direct hire to find the best talent.

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What is Direct Hire?

Direct hire is a process in which a company directly offers a job position to an employee without using a third party. It is different from temporary or contract positions in which a recruiting agency provides and employs top talent. However, recruiting agencies also offer this service.

Direct hire jobs are long-term or permanent positions with wages, paid time off, and benefits such as health insurance, sick days, and retirement accounts. While a recruiting team might handle the hiring process, an employee will have to report directly to the hiring company when they accept the job offer. 

The process of direct hire can take more time than quickly filling temporary positions because companies are committing to a long-term relationship, and they have to do a thorough job in finding and acquiring the best candidates.

What are the Benefits of Direct Hire?

There are several benefits of direct hire. For companies, these include:

  • Companies can attract a wider pool of qualified candidates, many of whom are more likely to opt for a permanent position than a contract job;
  • The long-term nature of the direct hire position leads to higher commitment and employee retention;
  • With direct hire and with using the services of a recruitment agency, companies don’t have to use their own resources to find and screen candidates (no one has time to go through 200 resumes just to find 10 good ones!);
  • A recruitment agency that serves a specific industry not only has access to a large pool of top talent, it also has the expertise to screen them and find the best of the best for the company’s needs far more quickly than a company could do in-house; and
  • The new hire is on the company’s payroll immediately, this way, companies save the costs of contract hire.

For employees, benefits of direct hire include:

  • Companies offer a permanent and secure position;
  • These positions come with benefit packages that include paid time-off, health insurance, sick days, and other enticing offerings;
  • Employees have a great opportunity to pursue their career goals in a permanent position;
  • Employees don’t have to spend their time looking for new employment in a regular (and much slower) way; and
  • It is a great opportunity for employees to build on their experience in one position.

Examples of Direct Hire Job Positions

There are a number of positions that candidates are directly hired for more often than others. These positions include:

Positions that require a high level of knowledge or education. Positions such as those in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics industries usually require a high level of education and training to perform. Because of this, employers want to keep these high-quality employees in their positions long-term to avoid having to search for someone else with as much education and experience to replace them.

Management and executive positions. Organizations usually want employees in management and executive roles to stick around for a while, so they will directly hire such employees to promote longevity and foster trust.

Why Do Companies Choose to Direct Hire?

Companies choose to pursue direct hire recruiting, either through their human resources department or a recruiting agency, for a couple of reasons:

  • To fill vacant positions that will benefit from a long-term commitment. Because of this, employees in direct hire roles often feel more loyalty to a company;
  • To fill management and executive positions;
  • To fill special positions that require specific skills;
  • To attract the right talent. High quality candidates are often more likely to accept an offer to leave their current job for a direct hire position with benefits and stability;
  • To adapt in times when there are fewer candidates looking for jobs than there are vacant positions. Direct hiring is typically more appealing to skilled talent due to the benefits and job security that goes with it; and
  • To avoid extra steps. A company might choose to do direct hiring on its own rather than using a recruiting agency because it wants to avoid fees or commissions and ensure their vision and message is clear.

However, conducting direct hire internally can increase the risk due to the extensive time, money, and resources a company needs to allocate to do it. That’s why companies outsource their direct hire needs to recruiting agencies, as well as because:

  • They have limited time and resources to fill a vacant position and screen candidates;
  • They don’t have human resources departments or available staff to perform the hiring process;
  • A job position has been unfilled for a long time;
  • They had a high turnover rate for a position; and
  • They’ve received little response to their job ads.


As a company looking to hire the best of the best in a competitive job market, choosing the right recruiting agency to advance your direct hire process can be vital for filling your high-value vacant positions. While direct hiring with the help of a professional recruiting agency allows you to fill your open job positions quickly and with confidence, it also benefits potential candidates. 

Direct hire enables them to join your organization’s payroll immediately, meaning they can take advantage of benefits and have a greater sense of job security, which can only incentivize them to choose this employment position over others. However, it is not enough to work with any recruiting agency. You should strive to partner with the agency whose process is aligned with the needs of your company.

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