The Advantage Of Using Direct Hire Recruiting Services

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The cost of hiring top talent can be quite high, especially if the company decides to manage its recruiting efforts internally, rather than with direct hire recruiting services. In that case, there are many things to do, both from a time and money perspective, before a qualified candidate becomes a new hire. The process involves:

  • Having an internal HR team to manage the hiring process;
  • Creating and maintaining detailed job descriptions;
  • Promoting open positions on career sites, job boards, career, fairs, and advertising;
  • Screening resumes;
  • Managing skill assessments;
  • Conducting background checks;
  • Checking references;
  • Presenting job offers;
  • Negotiating; and
  • Sealing the deal.

After all of this is done, a company can finally welcome its new hire and start the onboarding process. As mentioned, the cost of hiring just one new employee can go anywhere from $4000 up to $7000, while replacing a current employee (as opposed to filling a new position) can be even higher. In fact, the hiring cost for a direct replacement can be between 50% and 60% of that employee’s yearly salary.

With such numbers, it is clear why it’s important to hire the right talent for the job on the first try, especially when hiring for permanent leadership roles. Otherwise, the company will pay a lot of money to onboard people who will not stay with the company for long. So, what can you do to help mitigate the pressure of hiring top talent for your company? One solution is to hire a recruiting agency to manage your direct hire placements.

In this article, we will explore what direct hire is and what are the benefits of direct hire through a recruiting agency for your company. Ready to start? Contact CIBR Warriors for the fastest way to qualified employees!

What is Direct Hire?

Also known as a permanent placement, a direct hire refers to a situation where a company that plans on hiring a specific candidate offers them the job directly or through a recruiting agency. Direct hire jobs are typically long-term, salaried roles with benefits. A direct hire requires that the employee report directly to the employer, not a recruiting agency. After accepting a job offer, a qualified candidate becomes a permanent employee of the company and goes immediately on their payroll and benefits.

When a company uses the services of a recruiting agency to fill a direct hire position, it’s known as direct placement hiring. The agency handles the recruitment, but when a job offer is made, the qualified candidate becomes a full-time employee of the employer.

The Advantages of Direct Hiring

Direct hire recruiting is a customized process that delivers only the best-matched, top talent to an employer. This process is usually accomplished through meetings between the recruiting agency and the hiring company, followed by thorough candidate searches and rigorous screening to choose only the most qualified candidates. The company enjoys multiple benefits of working with a recruiting agency throughout the direct hire process, such as a bigger candidate pool, cost savings, quicker hire placement, and decreased risk.

The most notable advantages of working with a recruiting agency to direct hire are:

1. Larger Candidate Pool

Direct hire recruiters have a large network of qualified candidates that can instantly tap into when filling job positions. A lot of those candidates in their network are passive ones who are currently employed somewhere else but open to entertaining offers from other companies. This gives recruiters a much wider and better candidate base to work with compared to a company’s internal HR department. Additionally, a recruitment agency is looking for the best candidates to fill the vacant positions, meaning it wants each candidate to be highly qualified for the job and a perfect fit for the company. Also, when recruiting agencies look for direct hire rather than a temporary position, more candidates are interested in the opportunity.

2. Faster Placement

When working with a recruitment agency, direct hiring can happen faster. By diving into their large talent pool, recruiters can start selecting qualified top talent right away. This means there’s no losing time on advertising the position and waiting for resumes to be submitted.

3. Cost Saving

Remember that long list of recruitment duties from the beginning of the article? All those things that need to be done before a qualified candidate is hired? Well, those tasks are not cheap. Costs can add up so fast when managing the recruitment process in-house. But, when working with a recruitment agency, a company doesn’t need to worry about spending money on such things as advertising, background checks, and skills assessments. That’s all taken care of by the recruitment agency. Of course, agency services aren’t free, but a company’s cost savings by partnering with a recruitment agency can be significant.

4. Less Risk

Most recruitment agencies offer a guarantee for their direct hire placements, so there is little risk if the new hire doesn’t suit your company for whatever reason. However, it’s important that you know what type of guarantee an agency offers before partnering with them.

5. Stable Work Environment

When a direct hire team member is instantly added to the company and into the existing workplace culture, they have a better sense of stability. This stability leads to a long working relationship and better performance overall. Most of the temporary employees know that eventually, their contract will end, but that’s not the case with direct hire employees. They are more likely to feel loyalty, exceed expectations, and work hard to make a difference in the company.

6. Benefits Make a Difference

The company’s benefits packages are a major attraction to potential candidates. A recruitment agency can easily show and highlight all of the amazing resources a company has to offer and, therefore, find high-quality talent that fits their client’s needs.


The majority of companies use the services of recruitment agencies to direct hire for their permanent, full-time positions because it saves their time and money. They partner up with recruitment agencies, and they perform advertising for the position, sorting resumes, screening applicants, and identifying a handful of top qualifying candidates. Finally, the company will choose and hire their best-fit candidate, and that employee will go directly on its payroll.

Is your company trying, unsuccessfully, to fill a leadership or niche role? Are you struggling to find top talent in a tight market? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then direct hire recruiting may be the right solution for you.

Hundreds of new candidates are looking for job openings every day, and CIBR Warriors are there to help you find the right one for you. For more help on advancing your career or finding a perfect candidate in IT and Cybersecurity, contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best advice for getting started.

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