How To Recognize A Good Candidate In Cybersecurity Recruitment

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Cybersecurity is certainly the most important of all technological industries out there. Why? Because not only does it play a role in the success of practically every other industry, but it also protects the information of millions of people worldwide. For this reason, cybersecurity companies and organizations can’t trust their algorithms and code with just anyone. In order to uphold their reputation, companies need to hire the most trustworthy and highly qualified cybersecurity candidates out there. 

In order to know how to recruit the top cybersecurity talent for your company, you need to know the lay of the land – where trends are moving, what the job market looks like, and how to recognize the right talent. We will cover all of these steps in this blog post, so prepare to take notes!

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The Cybersecurity Job Market

With cybercrime representing a $6 trillion economy, it is impossible for the cybersecurity industry to relax and ignore it. The US government alone plans to spend $9.8 billion on cybersecurity in 2022, therefore businesses of all sizes need to recognize the urgency for enhanced security. The risk of data breaches and hackers gaining private information is constantly increasing, so much that by 2023, it’s predicted, there will be 10 million new cybersecurity job openings. That is why companies and organizations must hire the best cybersecurity talent to protect their data against such threats. 

According to CyberSeek, the cybersecurity workforce in the US has more than 950,000 workers, with approximately 465,000 of them yet to be filled. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the position of Information Security Analyst will be the 10th fastest growing occupation over the next decade, with an employment growth rate of a whopping 31% (compared to the 4% growth rate for other occupations). Meanwhile, India is expected to have more than 1.5 million open job positions in cybersecurity by 2025. 

If your company is part of the rapidly evolving cybersecurity industry, you don’t have time to waste on candidates that aren’t up to par with your standards and needs. Finding great talent, or even any candidate, to fill one of the millions of open cybersecurity positions available is one of the biggest challenges facing cybersecurity executives today. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of traits you should look for in a candidate in cybersecurity.

How to Recognize the Right Talent?

The right candidate for your company should have the following traits:

1. Continuous, Lifelong Learner

This industry is constantly and rapidly evolving; therefore, the most important quality to look for in a cybersecurity candidate is someone who can do the same. They should be naturally curious and have a desire for continual learning. The cybersecurity workforce needs people who want to be a part of a team that invents solutions to keep your company safe today and into the future. This person is also willing to learn from others, not just rely on experience. 

2. Persistent

Does your candidate have the initiative and imagination to do the job right? Do they seem determined? In this industry, the issues people face are constantly changing and are very difficult, so persistence is crucial. A certain amount of persistence also requires confidence, which is a must in this industry as cybersecurity workers need to deal with many people, from those in the company they work for to end-users.

3. Curiosity and Perception

Curiosity is one of the most important traits of cybersecurity professionals. Anyone who gets too comfortable in fighting off cyber attacks will soon be outdated, making their organizations subject to data breaches. To be successful in this industry, a candidate needs to be curious and search for new weaknesses. A great candidate is someone who always tries to stay one step ahead of external threats. They also need to see issues from both sides, thinking of what needs to be protected in the company. They need to put themselves in the hacker’s position and perceive any weaknesses or places to attack. 

4. Having Well-Rounded Skills

A well-rounded skill set ranges from cyber governance and related soft skills to technical skills such as hardware/IoT security, penetration testing, secure development, code review, industrial control system security, network security, among others. The ability to clearly communicate issues in non-technical terms is also an important skill.

5. The Ability to Think Like a Cyber Criminal

The ability to think like hackers enables cybersecurity professionals to anticipate a cybercriminal’s next move to recognize weak points in system defenses.  

6. Military Veteran

Military veterans have the proven ability to learn new concepts and skills, which makes them great candidates. Most of them are trained in the use of highly advanced technologies, and they can easily perform under pressure. They can accomplish priorities on time and they know the importance of staying with a task until everything is done right. Due to their previous profession, veterans can function as individual contributors or highly effective team operators. Additionally, they often have important security clearances already in place, which is certainly a plus.


Hiring the right cybersecurity candidate is a challenging process, not just because of the hiring crisis. Such people are professionals in an especially technical and highly specialized field that can work under a lot of pressure. However, this profession requires a set of specific skills that can’t be found in every candidate with a degree. That’s why we hope you’ll find the information in this blog post useful when deciding on the right candidate for your company. 

Hundreds of new candidates are looking for job openings every day, and CIBR Warriors are there to help you find the right one for you. For more help on advancing your career or finding a perfect candidate in IT and Cybersecurity, contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best advice for getting started.

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