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Areas of Specialization

Cyber Security

Sample Titles:

Cyber Security Engineer
Cyber Security Analyst
Incident Response Analyst
Cyber Security Manager/Administrator
Counter Intelligence Analyst
Software Developer / Eng
Cyber Security Technician/Specialist
Vulnerability Analyst / Penetration Tester
Cyber Security Consultant
Malware Analyst

Network Administration

Sample Titles:

Systems Engineer
Network Engineer/Architect
Network Support Technician
Security Administrator
SOC Analyst
Linux/Unix Systems Administrator
Junior/Senior Network Administrator
Application Security Engineer
Tactical Systems Administrator

Contract Solutions

If you are looking to augment your full-time staff with a highly qualified contractor, we have the perfect solution for you. Our highly skilled contractors can fill your needs from 3 months to 3 years.

Contract to Hire Solutions

If you need to hire a contractor now but do not yet need an FTE our contract to hire solution might be right for you. Our contract to hire solution gives you the flexibility to get the work done and when you are ready to bring that contractor onto your payroll.

Direct Hire Solutions

If you need that hard to find position filled or have an executive role within your firm let one of our highly skilled executive recruiters find that perfect fit for you. We guarantee all of our placements to make sure that both you and the candidate have found the perfect fit.

Statement of Work

CIBR warriors have vast experience in working with clients to develop comprehensive SOW’S. Our SOW process will outline expectations, describe the extent of the work, define timelines and identify key metrics that will be used to measure results. Our SOW’s will put structure around the work to be performed and clearly outlines what is and what is not in scope of the project.

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