What Is Direct Hire Staffing And Why You Should Consider It?

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What Is Direct Hire Staffing And Why You Should Consider It

Most businesses in the United States continue to find the employment market to be a chaotic place. Finding skilled employees remains a problem across the board, from IT to construction and beyond. Although companies of all sizes have plenty of job vacancies, they continue to struggle to find the right candidates for their roles.

However, many companies now realize that in order to find the best candidates, they need to partner up with a professional staffing agency. Even though hiring temporary workers can help you achieve short-term goals, companies that want to grow, build their brand, and increase their return on investment should look into direct hire staffing.

This article discusses direct-hire staffing, its benefits, and why you should consider partnering with a staffing agency to get top talent for your company.

What is Direct Hire Staffing?

Direct hire staffing, often referred to as direct placement, headhunting, or permanent placement, is the act of hiring a permanent employee for a hiring company through a staffing agency. The recruiting is done by the staffing agency, but the final choice is made by the hiring company, which is also in charge of onboarding since they are the permanent employer.

Direct hire generally involves a full-time position and is inclusive of all company benefits. Once a direct hire candidate accepts the job offer, they are working directly for a hiring company that immediately puts them on their payroll.

Since the hiring company is committing to a long-term relationship with a direct-hire, the process of finding the right candidate may be more time-consuming than filling a temporary position because the staffing agency wants to do a thorough job of finding and interviewing the best candidates.

What Are the Benefits of Direct Hire Staffing?

Direct hire staffing by an experienced and professional staffing agency offers a lot of benefits both for the hiring company and the candidate. Here are five main benefits of direct hiring with the help of a staffing agency:

1. It Guarantees Full-Time Employment for Candidates

From the start, direct hire is a permanent employee on the company’s payroll, which allows the hiring company to avoid the annuity costs related to contract-to-hire candidates. A direct hire can show a greater commitment to the company’s goals and culture, which can be more difficult to achieve with a contract-to-hire or a temporary employee who knows they may not be staying for a long time with the company.

Direct-hire employees are more engaged at work, typically work harder and treat customers better. This is understandable since they know that their company supports them and wants them to stay for the long haul. That’s why hiring people for a long time makes a business more productive, efficient, and long-lasting.

With direct hire staffing, the candidate knows they are joining a team as a permanent member, which allows them to feel like an important part of the company.

2. Direct Hire Positions Attract a Wider Pool of Candidates

In general, job seekers prefer full-time, permanent employment to temporary, part-time, or both. Some candidates refuse to even consider part-time or temporary jobs. Going with the direct hire option thereby increases the likelihood that more highly qualified applicants will apply for the position. This can make it easier to find the right candidate faster or fill a need for a specific skill.

3. It Enables a Candidate to be Fully Integrated Into Their Role

Temporary staffing moves quickly in order to fill the position as soon as possible with a quality candidate. Even though this is ideal when it comes to adapting to sudden changes in workload or demand, there may be less opportunity for training and team building than if a company was making a permanent hire.

Since a direct hire will be working for a company for the foreseeable future, the hiring company can afford to allocate more money to their professional growth and skill-building. Additionally, a company can take more time to ensure that the new employee is a good cultural fit with the rest of the team members. The sense of belonging that comes from this can make a new employee more loyal and committed to the company, which can lead to less turnover.

4. It Saves Time and Energy

Understandably, not every company has a human resources team. It often happens that someone who already has a set of full-time responsibilities has to handle the hiring process. Even companies with their own HR department to handle hiring and staffing may become overburdened with tasks and a large number of vacancies to fill.

A professional staffing agency has the resources to take on that responsibility and properly handle the time-consuming process of sourcing and evaluating candidates. This leaves a company with more time to handle other business demands.

5. It Helps With Sourcing Hard-to-Fill Roles

A staffing firm needs to be knowledgeable about every profession and its responsibilities. When a company hires from within, it can only reach out to people they already know. This can make it challenging to find niche candidates, especially if the company is looking for skills outside of its field.

A reputable staffing agency has access to a large network of candidates. Furthermore, the agency employs experienced recruiters who have spent years cultivating a diverse network of contacts with various candidates. Additionally, a good direct-hire staffing agency has the tools and resources needed to find the best candidates for those roles that are particularly difficult to fill.

Even if a company has a good HR department, the team may lack the experience necessary to effectively scout and interview candidates from certain niches or industries. Staffing agencies can handle all of this and more, promising to provide only the top talent for any role.


Direct hire is when a company uses a staffing agency to find a permanent employee. It usually involves a full-time position that comes with all of the company’s benefits. A direct hire is not subject to the annuity fees associated with contract-to-hire candidates because they are considered permanent employees on the company’s payroll.

Working with a reliable staffing agency is key to successful direct-hire staffing. Partnering with any employment agency won’t cut it. Instead, you should do your research and find the most suitable staffing firm for your company. Pick an agency with enough experience and industry knowledge that knows exactly what kind of talent you need for your particular job and how to recruit it.

Hundreds of new candidates are looking for job openings every day, and CIBR Warriors are here to help you find the right one for you. For more help in advancing your career or finding a qualified candidate in IT and Cybersecurity, contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best advice for getting started.

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