Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Agency In Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity recruitment has been a problem for companies for two reasons – cybercrime is more prevalent, publicized, and devastating for businesses due to an increasing demand followed by a shortage of skilled candidates for available positions. 

There is an estimated shortage of half a million candidates in the U.S. alone, and the global gap estimate is well over four million people. This means companies will compete for a limited number of qualified cybersecurity talent. However, the process of recruiting requires time and money. It can even slow down business since those working on finding top talent cannot focus on anything else until they’re done with recruiting.

Because of this, companies are turning to recruitment agencies specializing in finding cybersecurity top talent. So, what are the benefits of using a specialized recruitment agency in cybersecurity specifically?

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IT Recruitment Agencies Provide Specialist Knowledge

Recruitment is not a one-size-fits-all process, and many companies have made the mistake of using a general recruitment agency to fill highly-specialized roles. IT recruitment agencies, for example, know exactly what types of cybersecurity skills, experiences, and qualities to look for in particular functions like Cybersecurity Expert or Data Architect. This is an exceptional advantage to NGOs or large retail groups that do not primarily offer products or services in IT yet have complex IT infrastructures as the backbone of their operation. Such companies might not know what qualities they need to look for in a candidate but could brief a specialized IT recruitment agency on the roles, tasks, and services they expect from one. 

Specialized IT Recruitment Agencies Have Access to the Best Talent

Since IT recruitment agencies are experts in finding the right talent for a job, they have access to the very best candidates. While trimming down hundreds of CVs received each day, and by staying in touch with promising candidates who didn’t make the cut for a specific role, recruitment agencies have built up databases of skilled professionals. This means they are more likely to find the right candidate for your job opening and can do it faster.  

Specialized IT Recruitment Agencies can Cast a Broader Net

Companies that deal with their own recruitment usually end up recruiting locally, despite vacancies posted on national or international job boards. By contrast, specialized IT recruitment agencies can identify talent from a wider scope who would be a better fit for a company. What’s more, they are particularly adept at convincing promising candidates that relocating could be a great move for the right fit. 

Specialized IT Recruitment Agencies can Save You Time

It is an inevitable fact that recruiting takes time and money. From writing specific job descriptions to arranging and doing interviews, it can be a tiring process. But because this is their specialty they can streamline the hiring process, leaving their client’s HR department to get on with more important aspects of their job.

Probably the most time-consuming aspect of recruiting is the interview process. Not many people want to take days out from their already packed business schedules to interview hundreds of candidates. A major benefit of a specialized IT recruitment agency is the ability to shortlist candidates through initial interviews on their client’s behalf. This means the only candidates you will need to see personally will be the absolute top talent.

Specialized IT Recruitment Agencies can Act as Salary Consultants

Because many companies don’t know the true value of their talent, they might dramatically overpay external candidates or advertise job roles with salaries that will never attract top-level candidates. Since IT recruitment agencies go through hundreds of postings every day, they know the industry average for any given position and can factor in other elements such as location. This puts IT recruitment agencies in a unique position to negotiate salary expectations with candidates so companies will always end up paying a fair and competitive wage to their newest employees.

Specialized IT Recruitment Agencies Can Provide Expert Advertisement

Too many companies end up wasting money (and time!) advertising their open job positions in the wrong places. Although the IT industry is thriving, if your company is not looking in the right places, it will never find the right candidate. Specialized IT recruitment agencies know all the ins and outs of job advertisements and will only advertise a vacancy in the places that will secure interviews with top talent. 

Specialized IT Recruitment Agencies Will Pay Attention to Diversity and Inclusion

Now more than ever companies recognize the benefits of prioritizing diversity and inclusion within their staff. This is no different when it comes to cybersecurity employees. Cybersecurity teams with a wide range of backgrounds have outperformed organizations with a less diverse workforce. If companies want to secure the most talented cybersecurity professionals, they will need to adopt a new approach to access more diverse talent pools. Specialized IT recruitment agencies conduct the hiring process with this in mind to find the perfect fit for every company and organization.


The cybersecurity market continues to have a constant need for exceptional cybersecurity talent, and as such, it also has an ongoing flow of new and interesting IT positions. Despite this, there is an incredible shortage of cybersecurity talent. For this and other reasons, using the services of a specialized IT recruitment agency provides significant benefits for both companies and candidates.

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