Welcome to the CIBR Warriors
Referral Program

Know an amazing Cybersecurity or IT Networking pro looking for work? Tell them about one of our open opportunities in Cybersecurity and Network Administration! You could earn up to $500 if your referral becomes a CIBR Warrior (meaning they fill one of our open positions).

How It Works

Either call 1-888-255-0328 and tell us about your referral OR share our careers page (link below) with the person you wish to refer and tell them to list your name and contact information in the online application. We will follow up with you to award a referral bonus if your candidate matches our opportunity and is placed in that role. What you’d earn (between $200 to $500!) depends on the job title/role of your referral.

Program Requirement FAQs

Who can make a referral?

Anyone including those who work for or with CIBR Warriors.

Any current job openings listed on the CIBR Warriors CAREERS page.

It depends. The reward amount is set at $200 for general positions; but more advanced roles could pay up to $500! If your bonus total exceeds $600 in a calendar year due to multiple referrals, we’ll issue a W-9 tax form.

Candidates are eligible for referral unless they’re a current full-time employee of CIBR Warriors, or a current or former student at MyComputerCareer (a CIBR Warriors partner organization). We are an equal opportunity employer. All referred candidates will receive equal consideration for hire based on the position requirements and skill sets needed to perform.

Call 1-888-255-0328 or tell your referral to list your name and contact information in the online application.

First, your referral must be placed in a contract or direct hire position with one of our client partners within 180 days of the submitted referral date and then work at least 520 hours in that role before we can approve and submit payment, typically submitted within 30 days of approval.

No; however, only one person is eligible to receive a referral bonus for each referred candidate. If multiple people refer the same candidate, the bonus goes to the first referer placed in our system.

Someone from the CIBR Warriors recruiting team will email you documentation with bonus details, a general time frame for when you could expect your reward and a request for your signature. If you’re a CIBR Warriors consultant, your bonus is separately awarded from your pay cycle.

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About CIBR Warriors

CIBR Warriors is a premiere Cybersecurity and IT Networking staff augmentation service. We work with employers across virtually all markets and sectors including healthcare, education, finance, government and more, to help fill the most important IT security positions needed today.

Our leadership has over 100 years of combined experience, and the people we employ have the opportunity for professional development and other training/networking opportunities too!

If you know someone who’s ready to take up the shield and enlist with us, give us a call today at 1-888-255-0328 or have your referral mention you in our online application.

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